CD – The Little Prince



01. Overture 2’11’’
02. Once Upon a Time 3’05’’
03. The King 5’15’’
04. The Businessman 4’26’’
05. The Grographer 4’07’’
06. The Planet Earth 2’14’’
07. The Well 8’47’’
08. The Vixen 4’52’’
09. The Rose 4’09’’
10. The Serpent 0’49’’
11. The Serpent’s Song 3’09’’
12. Back Home 4’21’’
13. Finale 1’33’’

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The universe of Saint-Exupéry gains a new version with the sounds and timbres of one of the most brilliant orchestras in Brazil, the Ouro Preto Orchestra. Affectionately adapted by Maestro Rodrigo Toffolo, artistic director and main conductor, it features the original music by Tim Rescala, one of the most awarded Brazilian composers, and Michael Wade, narrating this fantastic journey.

Leaving his planet, the little prince meets a king with a harpsichord, a businessman and his xylophone and a geographer and his flute, until he reaches a blue planet — our planet. In the Sahara desert, he starts his journey alongside an aviator and his English horn. Then, the sound of the bassoon leads our little prince to meet a fox, from whom he learns the importance of captivating.

On his way home, a voice makes us reflect on the importance of being attentive to the good and evil plants that permeate our private universes. In the end, the orchestra leads the little prince back home — now carrying a sheep inside a box and a name for his rose.
Get ready for an unprecedented adventure full of symbolisms and encounters, in which the courage for new discoveries and the value of contemplating the little things meet in a narrative full of musicality.

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